SIMON AUDY, finalist at the 2022 Canadian Massage Championship

SIMON AUDY, finalist at the 2022 Canadian Massage Championship
translated from Les nouvelles Etsthétiques and spa interview
Interview with SIMON AUDY finalist at the 2022 Canadian Massage Championship, Owner of RËLAKS MASSOTHERAPIE.

Massage therapist for 12 years, I never cease to be passionate about massage and perfect my techniques to offer optimal care to the people I meet. I practice Swedish massage and lomi-lomi, relaxation or therapeutic massages and I use many little tricks learned over time thanks to teamwork in various places. I work with several physiotherapists and orthotherapists who give me good advices and help me improve the quality of my techniques.

Which massage therapy techniques do customers most often request?
Therapeutic massages are increasingly known and in demand. People in general have become aware of the potential benefits of massage therapy with good follow-ups and are moving more and more towards this kind of massage. Over time, I have developed a way of working that combines relaxation and therapy very well, and my clients love this approach. So a good combination of all my techniques is the key for me, relaxation, therapy, lomi-lomi, physio… anything goes!

What are your 3 favorite brands of massage therapy products? And why ?
I work with :
A Nomad table, which is very famous as a brand for its reliability and durability

Silky Bioorigin massage gel, which gives me a lasting and controllable glide

Orthocure products, for their effectiveness in helping me from time to time with more stubborn tensions.

Today who is your inspiration in the health / beauty / therapeutic environment in Quebec?
I would say that all those who are successful are my inspirations, but if I had to name just one person despite everything, it would be Marie-Andrée Maltais, winner of the first edition of the championship, who exudes incredible personality and who is visibly passionate about his job.

With which world reknown therapist would you like?
The only one I know is Phiane Duquet from beauty work, with whom I would like to learn about her facial that won her the title of world champion.

What do you think constitutes a good massage?
It’s very relative. It’s about listening as much as possible. A good massage, in my opinion, is only good to the extent that the person receiving it feels satisfied.
Have their expectations and needs been met? Have we been attentive, present?
Were the techniques used appropriately?
For me, a good massage results in the recognition of the receiver

Are you going to represent yourself again in the Championship in 2023? For what ?
Probably, if only for the experience once again!

“I loved finding myself among these people, in this atmosphere, it would certainly be a very pleasant experience once again! »


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